About Hope Compassion Outreach International

Our Impact

HCOI has collaborated and co-invested with communities in Uganda and other East Africa countries, to improve children’s welfare, healthcare, personal safety, education, and microenterprise development.

HCOI has delivered healthcare services, education, microenterprise, social justice, leadership and empowerment programs to over 100,000 individuals—primarily women and children—in 100 rural communities in Uganda

School -> El him Nursery & Primary

A total of two hundred seventy (270) children have been supported which comprises of one hundred fifteen (115) girls and one hundred sixty five (165) boys

SACCO -> HCOI Savings Cooperatives

Through HCOI Saving Cooperatives a total of USD 10,000 has been collected and this has changed the live hood of many people

Others -> Farming, Fellowship groups etc

100 HCOI Village fellowship groups reached and formed, 3000 community members served and 2000 Mothers reached

Fundrising for Goodness

Vulnerable Children(VCs)

HCOI defines VCs as children of 0-17 years of age who have lost a parent to, natural disaster, civil conflict or faced with extreme poverty and are in acute vulnerability, lost parents to HIV/AIDS who are otherwise directly affected by the disease, or who live in areas of high HIV prevalence and may be vulnerable to the disease or its socioeconomic effects...